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Quality System

"YOUR CHOICE" quality commitment is to provide a complete quality management system, continuing to improve the quality of products to meet customer requirements.

Customer Request System (CRS)

"YOUR CHOICE"has developed a streamlined process to manage customer inquiries and requests including product, package information, quality agreements, and other quality-related requirements.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

"YOUR CHOICE" provides a streamlined process to request material analysis and corrective action of products that have failed during customer application. YOUR CHOICE's excellent analytical capabilities are used to provide root cause information and build customer satisfaction.

Material Review Board (MRB)

All "YOUR CHOICE" products that do not conform to specifications, with unidentified or suspect status are brought to the attention of "YOUR CHOICE" Material Review Board (MRB).

"YOUR CHOICE"MRB is composed of executive representatives from each of our different departments to review and decide on the final disposition of the non-conformance product.

Corrective Action Request System (CAR)

"YOUR CHOICE" has established a system to track, delegate and complete corrective action requests, which is of critical importance for continuous improvement. Any "YOUR CHOICE" employee may propose a Corrective Action Request, and any employee assigned a CAR is required to respond.