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Quality Qualification

"YOUR CHOICE" commits to customer satisfaction with highest product quality as our job one.

That is why we work closely with our customers across all continents to ensure their needs are identified and addressed.

"YOUR CHOICE" continues to invest to the utmost analytical capability and has established a complete internal Qualification and Failure Analysis capabilities to provide the most accurate and quick turn information to serve our customers. In addition to the existing capability, "YOUR CHOICE" further enhances analytical capability by working with domestic laboratories.

Available Equipments

Dimensional Measure Instrument
Head Thickness Gauge
Ring Gauge
Profile Projector
Bolt Measure System
Coordinate Measuring Machine
2.5DVision Precision Tools & Measuring Microscope
Gauge Blocks
Plug Gauge

Mechanical Tester
Rockwell Hardness Machine
Vickers Hardness Tester
Air Pressure Type Drilling Testing Machine
Torque Wrench

Metallurgical Analysis
Cutting Machine
Mounting Press Machine
Grinding & Polish Machine

Other Testing Machine
Kesternich Cycle Test Machine
Salt Spray Testing Machine
Electromagnetic Membrane Teste